About Us

Wellness Through Nature and Reiki

Welcome to The Empress Alchemy Co. (TEACO), where the healing power of Reiki meets the natural goodness of tea and herbal tea.

TEACO was founded by Heather Le Gaux, Reiki Master and  Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner.  Our company specializes in creating teas and herbal elixirs that nurture the mind, body, and soul.

Our Unique Blends

Our selection includes both herbal and caffeinated teas, crafted to provide calm, focused energy. Each blend, from Chamomile Lavender to our energizing Matcha, is infused with Reiki energy, offering more than just taste but a holistic experience.

Beyond Tea: A Holistic Approach

We offer the Empress Rise Energizing Elixir and Reiki-infused clear quartz crystals to complement our tea range. Our Energy Healing Tea Experiences include a delicious and healthy tea blend, a Reiki infused clear quartz crystal and an instructional step by step card to guide you on your wellness Reiki tea ceremony.

Our Mission

We're committed to empowering people with products that promote balance and mindfulness. Our goal is to be a beacon for those seeking natural, energizing, and soothing solutions in their busy lives.

Join Our Community

Discover the difference with The Empress Alchemy Co. – your cup of wellness and self care awaits.